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Support us as a company

Our focus is on developing mutually beneficial partnerships with companies. For this reason, all of our partnerships are tailored to meet your company’s CSR or business objectives. 

Reasons to choose Step Together

In partnership with Step Together Volunteering, your company can:

Create powerful human stories

Our focus on the most vulnerable members of your community means that together we can create powerful stories of lives transformed.

Reach further

Because community volunteering is a fundamental part of our model, your support will reach far beyond the direct beneficiaries of our projects.

Engage and inspire employees

We can support your efforts to engage employees with a programme of fundraising events to capture a broad range of interests.

Support employee volunteering

As the experts in finding volunteering opportunities we can support you with your employee volunteering.  Through Step Together’s international volunteering arm (WorldWide Volunteering) we are also able to provide you with access to the world’s largest database of volunteering opportunities as a fully customisable volunteer management system tailored to your brand and accessed through your intranet.

Keep it local

If you would like to work with a specific community or you are seeking a charity partner to work across a range of business sites, our programme model is readily replicable and scalable. We are happy to discuss your requirements subject to need and opportunity. 


Step Together Volunteering is grateful to the following companies for their support:




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