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UK-MapWho we support

We work across England and Scotland, with a focus on helping those most in need of support. This includes:

  • Young people: leaving care; recovering from drug and alcohol misuse; young carers; at risk of homelessness and/or offending; or have experienced domestic violence and abuse. 
  • Adults who face significant challenges as a result of: critical injury and trauma; leaving the criminal justice system; drug and alcohol misuse; long-term unemployment; mental ill-health; homelessness; isolation and disengagement with society.

Clients are referred from a wide range of partner agencies, including local councils, prisons and probation services, local community groups and support groups, and larger charities such as the St Giles Trust, Help for Heroes, and Action for Children.  


What we do 

  • We provide intensive one-to-one coaching to help individuals develop the self-belief in their ability to affect change; and the personal skills and attitudes to take control and move forwards with their lives.
  • We motivate and inspire individuals to volunteer in their communities, helping them to feel valued as contributing members of society and to build new social networks.
  • We find tailored volunteering placements to match the individual’s needs, interests and ambitions.


Current programmes

Find out more about our programmes by following the links below:


Supporting disadvantaged young people

Read about our work helping disengaged and disadvantaged young people to transform their lives through community volunteering.

Reducing re-offending

Our work in the North-West, London and Dorset aims to reduce the number of people who re-offend on leaving prison, through inspiring and enabling them to engage them in volunteering on leaving custody.


Supporting recovery of wounded service personnel

Each year, Step Together helps over 300 wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans across the UK to rebuild their lives through engaging in community volunteering.