About us | Step Together

Who we are

Step Together believes in the power of volunteering as a catalyst for change – in individuals, organisations and society as a whole.  We believe that everyone counts and everyone has something to offer.

Our clients are those at the margins of society, those who would not typically think of volunteering as something which they could do, and which could help them to move forward with their lives.

A quarter of our beneficiaries are young people who are: leaving care; young carers; at risk of homelessness; young offenders; teenage parents; or have experienced domestic violence and abuse.  The remainder are adults who face significant challenges as a result of: critical injury and trauma; leaving the criminal justice system; drug and alcohol misuse; long-term unemployment; mental ill-health; homelessness; isolation and disengagement with society.

Our vision is a UK where everyone who wants to be, is engaged in their community, and is inspired and supported to realise their potential. 

Our mission is to enable people of all backgrounds to take positive action to change their lives and the lives of others through volunteering.

We reach 3,600 people a year across the UK, of which between 800 and 900 receive intensive 1:1 support from our team of outreach workers to engage in community volunteering.  Through our programmes we seek to enable our clients to integrate into their local communities, improve mental and physical well-being, develop positive social networks, and increase transition to education and sustainable employment.


Our History

Step Together Volunteering was created in 1994 under the name ‘WorldWide Volunteering for Young People’ to promote the positive impact of volunteering on individuals, organisations and society as a whole.  Much of our early work in schools focussed on informing, encouraging and inspiring young people to engage in voluntary work - helping them to expand horizons, break down barriers, and develop a sense of belonging in the community, in addition to bringing benefits to personal well-being and employment prospects.  Between 1994 and 2010, we worked with over 1,000 schools across the UK, introducing volunteering to over 200,000 young people directly, inspiring and motivating them to volunteer, and providing them with a volunteering database of over 3000 organisations and 1.9m opportunities worldwide to enable them to find the right placement for themselves and to take action.

Since 2008, in response to identified need and gap in provision, our work has shifted to cover a range of disadvantaged people, using volunteering to increase integration into communities and improve well-being and employment prospects.  Our programmes now focus exclusively on those in most need of support across the UK. 

We changed our name to Step Together Volunteering in early 2016.