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Volunteer options

Are you seeking to volunteer?  Do you want to give something back, whilst developing your skills and meeting new people?


Volunteering with Step Together

Step Together has a few volunteer positions, both in our Head Office in Bristol providing support to the team in a range of areas, and also working directly with our outreach teams – if you would like to find out more, please contact us on office@step-together.org.uk, or see our current vacancies below.

See current vacancies


Volunteering in your community or overseas

Whilst we only have a few positions available, there are thousands of organisations across the UK and worldwide who are seeking volunteers.  Regardless of your age, background or skills, there is a volunteer position out there for you.  Here are some options to help you find the right opportunity:

WorldWide Volunteering Database.  This is a searchable database of organisations across the UK and worldwide, with a wide range of roles available.  The database is run by Step Together, and includes the largest collection of overseas volunteering opportunities in the world.  

Visit your local Volunteer Centre.  Volunteer Centres can provide information on current opportunities in your local community.  To find a centre close to you, click on the link.

Do-It have a wide range of opportunities across the UK

Good luck!