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Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, you can help more people like Mooch find a new future.

Keith Ashley, better known as Mooch, grew up in inner city Manchester, where he was surrounded by violence from a young age. He was only 15-years-old when he was first remanded in custody and served a prison sentence when he was just 17.

Now aged 61, Mooch has spent most of his life in prison. Following his release in 2014, Step Together facilitated volunteering opportunities for Mooch, which boosted his confidence and self-esteem and helped him develop new skills for the workplace.

Mooch now has his own home and is employed on a project aimed at reducing homelessness in Manchester.

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Step Together is significantly reducing reoffending and we need your help to continue.

Many offenders will have lost their homes and jobs and damaged relationships with their family while serving their sentence, making it far harder to integrate back into society. It’s during this period of transition that individuals are desperately in need of support.

Almost half of offenders released from prison will reoffend within a year. Through providing community volunteering opportunities, Step Together has helped many individuals turn their lives around.

Your donation means we can keep supporting more people like Mooch.

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In the last 12 months, Step Together has supported over 240 individuals who have a previous conviction. More than 90% of people feel more confident and motivated. They also have a more positive view of themselves and their future as well as feeling more part of their community.

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